On Deck with Circuit Check - Technical Aspects of In-Circuit Test Fixtures

Posted by Amy Larson on September 03, 2021


On this episode of On Deck with Circuit Check, we take an in-depth loop at ICT fixtures.  What are the technical specifics required for ICT? How do end-users define those specifics for their industry needs? And how does that impact the quality of scope of an ICT project?

All these questions, and more, were posed to three industry thought leaders who helped Daniel Litwin take a deep look at ICT fixtures.

Neil Adams, Senior Manager of ICT and Account Management for Circuit Check, and Joe Prihoda, Account Manager for Circuit Check, joined first-timer Dave Tucker, President of Test Technology Associates, a company with a 40-year record of best-in-class engineering services. 

A rule of thumb in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards is work does not continue if the boards are not testable. So, as Adams pointed out, it is vitally important that the test fixture and program are in place as manufacturing begins.

When manufacturers are planning a product requiring circuit boards, there are several standard specifications Circuit Check requires to build an ICT fixture, but that is just a starting point, according to Prihoda.

“We like to ask our customers to make sure they provide us a statement of work if there are requirements regarding connector access, specific LED-testing requirements, device programming, or if they have concerns regarding vector-less tests,” Prihoda said.

These considerations help develop a more accurate quote for the project and ensure the most efficient and cost-effective method is used to carry out those requirements.


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