On Deck with Circuit Check - The Anatomy of a Successful Test System Engineering Project

Posted by Amy Larson on April 30, 2021

CircuitCheck_PaulAttwell_Thumbnail_v01 The testing process is critical in manufacturing, but not all are created equal.  Taking a deep dive into Circuit Check's Test System Engineering (TSE), on Deck with Circuit Check spoke to Paul Attwell.

Attwell is a Customer Application Specialist at Circuit Check and has over two decades of experience in the field.

"Tests can occur at multiple points or only once.  They are integrated into the line and generate useful information.  Many see them as a non-value-added part of the process and a cause of bottlenecks, despite the fact that not having a good one has consequences," he said.

Those consequences can be detrimental, as Attwell explained.  "They could be imagined the wrong way and not test what they should.  There could be insufficient data around specifications.  It can lead to back quality or reputable harm and could be dangerous."

The relationships between TSE developers and customers need to be transparent so that communication and information flow easily.  "We want to know how the customer wants to use the test system, environment requirements, safety standards, and test requirement specifications."  Data and information upfront help the design of the test so that it delivers on expectations.  The TSE team should be an integral part of the process, not an afterthought.

The relationship, and therefore the communication and information, require a foundation of trust.  Additionally, new technology is always emerging and the Test System Engineering team works with customers to maximize their budgets without compromising quality or accuracy.  Issues will arise, but Attwell said Circuit Check has "worked with many customers to avoid costly problems with the right solutions."

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The Anatomy of a Successful Test System Engineering Project with Paul Attwell


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