Circuit Check Announces New Partner, WATS

Posted by Amy Larson on June 20, 2024

Circuit Check is excited about its partnership with WATS a cutting-edge data analytics platform for test systems.  Circuit Check looks to continually enhance our technology partnerships with leading test and measurement companies. This collaboration will provide test engineers with real-time insights from their global test and repair data.

"We are excited to partner with WATS to provide our customers with a comprehensive testing solution," says Chris Scorse, CEO, Circuit Check. "By incorporating WATS into our test platforms, we allow our customers to gain access to their data and better understand and evolve their existing test processes and product designs.”

“Circuit Check has broad experience across multiple industries with expertise in complex testers & fixtures and will be our largest partner in the Americas to date, with 235 employees located in the US, Canada, Mexico, and overseas.” says Chris Nelson, Director of Virinco Americas.  “WATS will be a nice compliment to their core test solution offerings, and we look forward to helping their OEM and Contract Manufacturing customers make better data-driven decisions.”

About WATS
WATS is a revolutionary Test Data Management solution that has assisted thousands of users worldwide, processing over 80 billion data points. With WATS, you can transform your Manufacturing and Repair Data into actionable insights through advanced analysis. It is a pioneering data analytics platform for test systems, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency by unlocking valuable insights from their test system data. https://wats.com/

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