Circuit Check Develops Electronic Verifier to Improve Fixture Validation

Posted by Amy Larson on June 15, 2022

At Circuit Check we continue to innovate our products and processes to better serve our customers.  Over the last few months, Circuit Check has developed an electronic fixture verifier to improve test fixture validation procedures, reducing the risk of errors.  The verifier allows Circuit Check to deliver a more accurate test fixture to its customers and avoid re-work. 

The verifier is ergonomically designed with a drawer based hydraulic lift system.  This provides greater safety and reduced fatigue for the operators when loading and unloading adapters and fixtures.  The operator has the ability to interactively mirror/rotate the test file probe pattern to match the fixture probe pattern.  The Circuit Check verifier reduces false open and false short errors ensuring the end fixture is accurate and ready to operate.  This reduces the number of initial errors and allows for "on the fly" automatic retesting.  Overall, the verifier better supports error debug/repair issues and allows Circuit Check to efficiently build and test each fixture.

For over 40 years Circuit Check has led the industry in identifying and innovating new technologies and processes to address the evolution of manufacturing test. Our extensive product portfolio and depth of experience proves that we continue to exceed the increasing demands for test in the electronic manufacturing industry. We continue to be innovative leaders in the world of testing, integrating and adapting, new, improved and cost-effective technologies.