Circuit Check’s Tight Proximity Probing Technology, takes the NanoVTEP technology to the next level in durability and reliability

Posted by Amy Larson on March 27, 2023


The Tight Proximity Probing Technology is all accomplished using standard 100 mil probes for sensor plate mounting as customarily used with VTEP Polarity Check sensors. Circuit Check’s tight proximity probing technology increases test coverage with probes located closer to the sensor plates while allowing a denser population of NanoVTEP sensors.

Circuit Check’s Tight Proximity Probing Technology Advantages

  • Allows test probe placement closer to small devices requiring NanoVTEP sensor plates
  • The sensor plates are 20% smaller than traditional NanoVTEP
  • Placed 40% closer together ideal for densely populated boards
  • Smaller footprint allows greater use of NanoVTEP technology
  • Statistically similar test results to standard NanoVTEP assemblies

Take note of test probes that cannot be accessed using the existing NanoVTEP methodology but are available for use with Circuit Check’s Tight Proximity Probing Technology. Traditional NanoVTEP spacing of 0.315” versus Circuit Check’s Tight Proximity Probing Technology spacing of 0.150” increase the number of available sensors in the same area.

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Topics: In-Circuit Test