Through Connector Testing for Fixtures

Posted by Amy Larson on September 02, 2020

#1A pioneer in the development and implementation of
access mechanisms enabling testing of circuits through on-board connectors.

Businesses rely on Circuit Check’s functional and in-circuit test fixture expertise. Circuit Check supports all forms of test strategies. Our
fixtures are robust, reliable and designed for easy customization.
Circuit Check’s design quality and durability allows our customers to meet their cost-effective testing requirements.


  • Capability to develop the interposer board specific to the customer needs
  • Test the connectivity of the i/o connectors
  • Additional access to the components on the board
  • Provides additional test coverage
  • Patented side access
  • A patented self aligning design allows connectors to float over a 0.015”
    radius to accurately align with the mating connector on the UUT. These
    connectors are easily replaceable should they get damaged

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Topics: Functional Test