Circuit Check Makes Changes to Quoting Process to Increase Project Communication

Posted by Amy Larson on July 28, 2022

Circuit Check has implemented new procedures in our fixture sales department.  These new procedures will allow Circuit Check to respond faster to request for quotes (RFQs) and increase our communication to our customers during the fabrication cycle.  As a result, we restructured our Fixture Sales Department to replace the Account Manager position with Fixture Application Engineers (FAE) and Fixture Project Managers (FPM).  Dividing the account manager duties between two positions allows the Fixture Application Engineers to focus on responding to RFQs faster and more accurately.

We have three new email addresses for fixture related RFQs so FAEs can quickly respond.




Upon receipt of a customers purchase order, data file sets, sample boards/modules, etc., the Fixture Application Engineers process the project, performing various order entry aspects to start the engineering process.

The project is then handed off to a Fixture Project Manager that completes the required ERP functions and becomes the customers interface with Circuit Check, answering any project related questions.  As the project proceeds through various departments the FPM will keep the customer updated about the project status, increasing project communication.

A customer can always contact their Business Development Engineer with any questions.

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