Medical Industry Test Fixture

Posted by Amy Larson on February 17, 2022

A long-time medical customer of Circuit Check approached us to work on the testing of their patient monitoring devices.  This lifesaving device required over a dozen individual connectors and the fixture interfaces with the connectors pneumatically.  Finally the test fixture is placed inside a test rack and is used with computer vision and a Cobot to actuate the touchscreen features ensuring they operate successfully.  

Circuit Check’s medical device testing ensures that quality medical devices are produced quickly and cost-effectively, while managing necessary information data tracking. We know developers of medical device products need a test solutions partner to help solve some of the most complex medical equipment testing challenges. Circuit Check partners with these developers to eliminate potential test risks and ensure the test system is built with the highest quality and reliability.

Check out our video of a medical industry test fixture here.

To learn more about how we work with the medical industry, click here.

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