Circuit Check Announces New Investment Partners

Posted by Amy Larson on February 22, 2024


Circuit Check is excited to announce its next era of growth and innovation as we welcome P2G Capital and Merit Capital as our new partners. The combination of Circuit Check, P2G and Merit brings significant industry experience, capital, and a drive to support our customers and help them achieve their goals.

Circuit Check is a leader in the test and measurement industry with a 45-year history and a highly dedicated team of talented and experienced personnel. We are excited to have new partners invested in our business with a desire to support us as we enhance our capabilities to better serve our customers' needs. This partnership brings:

Expanded Resources:  capital to support further investment in cutting-edge technologies and talent, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve to meet our customer's evolving systems, equipment, and service requirements.

Focused Innovation:  a shared vision for innovation and strong related experience to develop groundbreaking solutions in support of our loyal customer base.

Unwavering Commitment:  an unchanged commitment to excellence and exceeding customer expectations while driving shared success.

“We are thrilled to embark on this next portion of our journey with our new partners P2G and Merit Capital.  Their knowledge and insight into our markets combined with our 45 years of experience is a powerful combination that will allow us to create new and innovative test solutions for our customers.  As we delve into cutting edge technologies, we will continue to provide the quality and consistency that our customers demand for their mission critical test needs.” said Circuit Check CEO, Chris Scorse.

We look forward to expanding our client support as we continue to provide high-quality innovative test solutions.

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