FEA & Strain Gauge Analysis Webinar Video

Posted by Amy Larson on June 19, 2020


Did you miss our board stress analysis webinar? Interested in watching the recording?  Watch the video here on our website.



Presented by: Neil Adams - Neil has over 25 years of experience at Circuit Check as the Product Manager for In-Circuit Test Fixtures Vacuum and In-Line.  He has worked with numerous customers in finding a safe solutions to test their PCBA’s.

The 1-hour long webinar discussed the differences between our available board flexure processes and discussed which analysis is right for your circuit board.  Neil Adams presented the following considerations:

  • Board flex analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Strain gauge testing 

Attendees learned the importance of FEA & strain gauge analysis, when it is important to consider testing, and which test to consider.

Click here to watch the video

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