Latest COVID-19 Update: Circuit Check’s role in fighting the pandemic and saving lives

Posted by Amy Larson on March 26, 2020


The global fight against COVID-19 is rapidly evolving with each passing day.  At Circuit Check we have adjusted our operations and greatly expanded our employees ability to work remotely while maintaining production capacity in each of our facilities.  In our buildings we have greatly limited face to face meetings, increased the physical distance between production staff, and ramped up the frequency of disinfecting work surfaces. This effort is necessary to create the safest work environment possible for our people while we work on test systems that we need to fight this pandemic.

Circuit Check is currently building test systems and fixtures that:

  • Support better and faster patient testing for the presence of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Allow for a massive increase in the production capacity of ventilators to help save the lives of those with the most severe cases.
  • Support countless critical infrastructure projects that we all depend on daily as a society. 

This is a time when we must come together to fight a common enemy, and we at Circuit Check are honored to be doing our part.

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