Circuit Check Develops Automated Conveyer System for IT Customer

Posted by Amy Larson on June 28, 2023

Often times a customer comes to Circuit Check with a problem and our team of experts must come up with a solution.  In this case a large IT customer was looking for a single clamping station that can apply equal pressure to the entire board at one time.  This can not be easily accomplished by an operator, but Circuit Check was able to develop an automated solution that not only equally clamps the board into place, but does so using automation.  

Prior to developing the system, Circuit Check performed several strain gauge tests to ensure the automated system was using the proper pressures and accuracy to clamp everything in the correct position for testing.  The system uses over 400 pounds of pressure to evenly distribute the weight and locking everything into place.  After the board is clamped, it moves on to functional testing. 

Check out the video below to see how Circuit Check can offer automated solutions that go from the clamping conveyer to functional testing.

Topics: Test System Engineering