Long-time CCITest software gets an updated logo

Posted by Amy Larson on August 05, 2020


For over 10 years, Circuit Check has offered a proprietary software known as CCITest for all functional test systems. Recently, Circuit Check has updated the CCITest logo to reflect our new brand. Based on the .NET 4 framework CCITest provides all of the low-level functionality of test equipment interfacing and sequence control in highly optimized object classes.

Developed by programmers with decades of experience crafting high-speed instrument interface drivers, the CCITest software frequently outperforms other test equipment interface programs by as much as 50% on raw test speed.

While providing high measurement speed, CCITest makes programming and maintaining even the most complex tests a simple matter for any user familiar with Excel spreadsheets. By providing a standard product to many of our customers, a very complete set of equipment interfaces is provided for a variety of test systems, all using a single scripting language that is simple, yet powerful.

Although at Circuit Check we're able to anticipate many of the test requirements common to test systems, there are unique requirements for many test systems. We have made the test engine extensible through flexible process control that still maintains the multi-threading capability while utilizing custom or third-party plugins.

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