Circuit Check Launches New 800 Series ATE

Posted by Amy Larson on February 17, 2021


Circuit Check continues to be a leading edge provider of custom engineered test solutions with our new 800 Series ATE.  The Circuit Check 800 Series ATE provides the versatility of utilizing the economical drop-in fixturing present in the 600 Series or an integrated dedicated fixture, while simultaneously providing the increased test equipment capacity of the 1000 Series.  This combination produces a cost effective full turnkey test solution.

A key to achieving the maximum value from automated test equipment is using the same test equipment and fixture mechanics to test multiple products. Circuit Check’s 800 Series ATE achieves this by using interchangeable fixture drop-ins. These drop-ins allow the same test system to be quickly reconfigured with new tooling and probe patterns for different products. This maximizes equipment re-use and minimizes the cost for each new test. Probing can support top, bottom or dual stage fixturing.



  • Enhanced cooling
  • Integrated ESD top
  • Fully automated functional test and programming
  • Self-contained compact enclosure & small footprint: under four square feet
  • Integrated PXI controller
  • Integral UPS
  • Color touchscreen
  • Keyboard/mouse
  • Ergonomic height for operator load/unload
  • Equipment maintenance access
  • Integrated probe plate
  • Capability to test or program multiple products with interchangeable fixture drop-ins


Topics: Test System Engineering